Cinderella Carriage Hire

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Ph: 0408751106

Our Horses

Your statement arrival wouldn't be complete without noble steeds.Our carriages are pulled by two lovely clydesdales, possibly the most well-known and highly regarded breed.

Our boys have been exposed to various situations including but not limited to; 

  • Riverfire
  • Hindu weddings
  • Surfers paradise
  • Christmas parades

Dart and Archer are our main pair, and are commonly affectionately refered to as "the babies" of our team. Making a statement of their own, Dart and Archer stand at approximately 17.2 hands tall (roughly 1.8 meters to the wither/top of the shoulder).

Don't let their size intimidate you though, our boys truly are gentle giants and love posing for photos with you.

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